Charger and Power Converter 60 AMP

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SKU: CT-P11260

Safe, reliable and filtered DC power to all Vehicle 12-Volt lighting and appliance circuits.

• Electronic current limiting.
• Variable speed intelligent cooling fan.
• Automatic thermal protection.
• Low voltage operation.
• Hight voltage protection.
• Reverse battery protection.
• 2 year Limited warranty.

The CT-P11260 is a 110 volt AC input, 12 volt DC output, 60 amp. max with the built in TCMS connector. The CT-P power converter series are designed with built-in features such as electronic current limiting, reverse battery protection, high voltage protection, low voltage operation, and over temperature shut down ensure long term reliability. The built-in TCMS (Total Charge Management System) connector allows the owner to easily add an intelligent battery charge controller.

This microprocessor-controlled system that constantly monitors the battery voltage and use to ensure a rapid; yet, safe, recharge. The ChargeTRONIK optional controller can select one of three charging voltages and one of four operating modes depending on the condition and use of the battery.

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