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Smart engine heater
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Trouble-free starting in all conditions with only one 120 volt electrical outlet, the HeatTRONIK smart energy management control the activation of an engine heater and a battery charger to ensure the lowest energy consumption possible. Also providing rapid diagnosis and identification, it is fully compatible with "Cab Power" power management systems.

Fast return on investment !

Ensure start at all times !

True peace of mind!


Save on electricity bills

HeatTronik is a simple and effective product that compare exterior temperature and battery voltage, determines exactly which components activation are required to meet the most eco-energetic strategies.

Advanced algorithm activate engine heater according to exterior temperature variations. Integrated diagnostic system determine components conditions.


    Significant savings with optimization of power use.

  • SAFE

    Single plug-in design eliminates human error.

  • reliable

    Optimal battery voltage and engine temperature conditions for start-up.


    Increased battery, starter and alternator life.


    Simple and rapid diagnosis at a glance from inside or outside the vehicle.


    Quick and easy installation and ready to use: All wires supplied and Phillips/temro sealed plug.

  • weather proof

    Smart Controller installed in the vehicle, sheltered from bad weather. Epoxy sealed external display available. 

  • Presets

    More than 12 easy and efficient programs and User programmable which Adapts to individual client requirements.

  • New options are under development to meet new customer requirements and possibilities.

    HT2 was the first product for the HeatTRONIK series. Anticipating and following its future evolution according to the needs of the users, we then created the new HT1: Smaller, completely waterproof, faster to install and pre-programmed in accordance with the needs of our customers.

  • Compatible

    Transmit data directly to your computer screen. Built-in Communication Port offering the possibility of programming the terminal. Additional entries available.

  • Scalable

    Many options and features could be added in the near future, such as wireless communication to get low battery level notifications and alerts for other possible failures.

Customer Testimonials

« On cold winter days, the combination of a warm engine and a fully charged battery is essential to good vehicle start-up. That is precisely what HeatTronik give us and we also save on electricity bills ! »

« A major HeatTRONIK advantage is its single electrical connection, rather than the usual two, which eliminates human errors such as plugging in the engine heater rather than the battery charger in the summertime or forgetting to plug in the engine heater when plugging in the battery charger in the wintertime. »

« All of our units have them now, we even put one on the pick up and on the service truck. With the external diagnostic, you can accurately determine if the use of the engine heater or battery charger is required and whether or not these components are functioning normally. »

« This product is amazing, the installation is easy and the product is user friendly. It give us a real peace of mind all year long.. »

HeatTRONIK LOGO Wireless Tester Remote Control HeatTRONIK Engine Heater Battery Power Optimizer Revtronik

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