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ChargeTRONIK's are high quality chargers at the right price. Several models are available from the standard automotive charger to the power converter and even battery charger combos.

High Quality Construction

Affordable Product Lines

Fast & Reliable Technology !

Safe Usage & Easy Setup

ChargeTRONIK new battery charger product line have been created to perfectly fit with our HeatTRONIK engine heater and battery charger optimizer. Depending on customer needs, we have the one that fit to your requirements !

Now testing new flexible and hard solar panels allowing more power when the truck is parked. To be fix on trailer with engine heater and reefer, some other have been installed into truck to recharge their batterie when the truck is parked or when they use their 12 volt AC system.

Smart battery chargers


Charger & Power Converter


2 Year Limited Warranty ChargerTRONIK Battery Power Charger Optimizer electronic Revtronik

Combo Chargers


Battery charger compatible with HeatTRONIK

CT A Battery ChargerTRONIK Power Charger Optimizer electronic Revtronik

Available in different configuration and power, CT-A Battery Chargers wich can be teamed to our HeatTRONIK smart engine heaters.

SolarTronik ICON Battery ChargeTRONIK Power Converter Charger Optimizer electronic Revtronik


Pannel and battery charger management

SolarTronik wLogo Battery ChargeTRONIK Power Converter Charger Optimizer electronic Revtronik

High quality solar panel and battery charger management supplying customer demands and needs the right product type; mono/poly, flexible/hard, low/high power with the right battery charger controller type.

Under R&D these solar panels can be fixed on trailer with engine like heater and reefer. A brilliant solution for battery charging and having more power access while truck is parked and use 12 volt AC systems.

With our new and exciting solar panel partners, we can provide high quality and low cost custom made solar panels.