Meet present and future truck industry requirements with user friendly, high quality and cost effective products.

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Always on the lookout for new challenges, REVTRONIK listens to the needs of its clients.

Looking for an answer to a problem? Contact us, our staff is always pleased to help.


REVTRONIK’S new TestTRONIK wireless trailer tester is our newest proactive response to our customer’s requirements. Incorporating the latest technologies, it is the very best product of its kind.


REVTRONIK’S close association with the trucking industry plays an important role in ensuring that its family of new products will meet or exceed industry demands.


REVTRONIK’s goal is to develop reliable cost effective products for our customers utilizing state of the art electronic technology.


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When dreams come true !

REVTRONIK’s president Jean-Francois Leblanc puts his extensive experience with the trucking industry to good use in the development of high-tech test equipment that answers the real life day-to-day challenges of reducing costly downtime.

Reliability and efficiency at an affordable price are key factors in REVTRONIK’S new product development planning.

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