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*UNDER DEVELOPMENT and not available at the moment, the TipTRONIK-WM3 is still in test and run-in mode. Some features unique to this model such as anti-rollover will only be available later, in future updates. You can purchase it in advance knowing that it will give you greater upgradability in the future. A smart choice!


The difference between WM and WM3 is an integrated leveling electronic chip and a wired communication channel that can be used between 2 other leveling units to analyze the complete trailer frame and box leveling! Our main goal is to create the perfect anti-rollover system to activate some alarm if the leveling of the front or rear of the frame is too inclined, we will also analyze the way the box lifts and can prevent rollover on the side of the trailers. WM3 also has 4 inputs and 4 outputs that can be programmed for special functions. For some customers, we did use an air pressure sensor on the air suspension to see if a driver drove the trailer with a lowered suspension and started an alarm inside the truck or to automatically control the activation of the air suspension valve, etc… We also put some sensors on the door, latch, etc… to have a complete diagnostic and prevention system to help reduce driver mistakes and increase security !

OUR TP3 SERIES is our best seller, because in addition to all the included advantages of the TP2, it has our innovative Wifi-TRONIK wireless communication technology which greatly facilitates and speeds up its installation. NO WIRE BETWEEN TRUCK AND TRAILER. In addition, the WIFI function allows you to communicate remotely with your module. Even without the use of trailers, this precious communication makes it possible to program the module remotely with a computer, to make updates, to activate or deactivate current or future options. Thus, the TP3 is scalable and will follow you for a long time.


  • Leveling alarm
  • Wired communication with other leveling module
  • Wired electronic leveling module ( under testing, these units will replace contactless sensor, analyze the angles of the box, the frame and the ground to prevent overturning on the side of the trailers)

The main advantage of the wireless system is that any truck with a TP3 in the cab can synchronize to a trailer in less than 15 seconds. Guest trucks can even use a TP3-Portable and truck-to-truck module to be up and running and protected in seconds.


The TP3-WM3K kit includes the electronic epoxy filled box for long life and easy installation with standard Deutsch connector, the contactless sensor, TP-B124 and TP-B03 brackets and the power wire connection. We do highly recommend using our mounting bracket or protective box depending on the type of trailer you will install the kit. It could also be possible to put a wired kit to have a hybrid system working with or without wire.

The TP-B124 kit is our basic and most popular installation kit. This bracket lets you install the electronic box and the sensor in an easy way and also protects components from the external environment.

The Tp-B03 is simply a spacer that allows you to install the TP-124 on it to clear the front of the trailer box.


*Note that you can choose or add all the components of this set individually on this page to complete your needs.



The installation of our TipTRONIK is really one of the simplest and fastest in its category. For a quick installation, everything is included in the box. Just need to hook a constant 12 volt power source as the ABS to the WiFi module and install the contactless sensor at the right place.


With the TP3-WM series, some customers are using TP-B05 + TP-BSR or TP-B157 combined with a 25ft wired extension (TP-JS25E) to allow the sensor to be installed at the rear of the trailer. This new positioning helps the operating efficiency of the sensor to compensate for the flexibility of the front of the trailer and the frame which can cause false alarms. You can find these parts in the list below.


Even if the system is simple and quick to install, as a measure of prevention and total safety, we recommend installation by an accredited professional.

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Map Pin Revtronik

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1.5 in
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