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TP2-S: TipTRONIK wired module for DUMP TRUCK

The TP2-S includes the electronics box with two sets of wiring available for quick and easy installation. You will also receive the contactless sensor, the power cord and the support for the sensor. TP-GPS is available as an option and can be purchased separately.

This TP2 is designed to be used with a dump truck WITHOUT TRAILER.
*If you are considering adding a trailer to the dump truck, choose the WITH POP-TRAILER set designed specifically for dump truck with trailer. Even without the use of trailers, the TP3 version offers very interesting advantages such as Wifi communication which allows the module to be programmed remotely with a computer, to make updates, to activate or deactivate options as well as other functionalities. coming. (scalable)

The GPS (*Not included in this set and available separately) allows the cut the sound of the alarm after 5 seconds of activation when the bucket is lifted. It also serves the time, date and geographical position when the events are recorded in our black boxes. It can also be used to start from speed alarms, suspension suspension dropped, etc ..all programmable and modifiable by the user.

Our TP2 series has all the advantages of our quality electronic design including several standard integrated and free options.

  • Speed detection adjustable in seconds (3, 6, 9, 12 km/h)
  • User-programmable options with a computer
  • Event recording system (black box)

*Note that you can choose or add all the components of this set individually on this page to complete your needs.



The installation of our TipTRONIK is truly one of the easiest and fastest in its class. For a quick installation, everything is included in the box. Just pick your favorite spot around or inside the console of the truck and plug it into an ignition type power source. Choose where you want to place the contactless sensor and connect it to the TipTRONIK module and your installation is complete.


Even if the system is simple and quick to install, as a measure of prevention and total safety, we recommend installation by an accredited professional.
One of our 200 Authorized RevTronik Canada-wide Distributors is always much closer to you than you think.

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Map Pin Revtronik

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1.5 in
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